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Why do banks ask

We strive to be a reliable and responsible partner and try to give our clients the best service and offer them quality financial advice. Our goal is to ensure compliance with legal requirements in daily operations as well as one of the main banking principles - know your client.

Nowadays the financial operations are primarily carried out by credit and financial institutions. As high security requirements apply to these institutions, the client data processing is subject to strict rules and regulations. They stipulate that a bank must be in possession of the summary of the data of a client and the related persons, as well as of the clients' economic activity.

The bank is obliged to collect and periodically update data on the client by the Law on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention of the Republic of Lithuania and subordinate legislation. In order to meet the legal requirements, as well as to facilitate the process of submission of the information for the Client, the bank has prepared a standardized form for the clients of Danske eBank to complete. From now on, visiting a bank's branch is no longer required in order to provide (update or replace) the data.

Why the bank is inquiring