Changes in Danske Bank Services and Agreements from 1 July 2017

We value our daily cooperation and are constantly looking for ways to be the best choice for both private and business customers. Seeking to attain this strategic objective, we have recently been focussing on developing a unified Baltic banking platform.

On 1 July 2017, we will take an important step: services and information systems in Lithuania and Latvia will be joined together to form a single instance system. We believe that the new platform will provide more opportunities and create value for your daily financial activities, in particular through cooperation with your partners in the Baltic States.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the changes that come together with a new platform from 1 July 2017. Even more new opportunities are awaiting you next year when all Danske Bank branches in the Baltic States, and you at the same time, will start using united services and solutions.

Updated services: more opportunities

  • Payments between accounts in Danske Bank in Lithuania and Latvia will be instant at any time of the day. For this purpose the Transfer menu item in Danske eBank should be used.
  • Payments to bank accounts in the European Union Member States will be credited on the same day. All SEPA payments in euros will be quicker – the amount will be credited on the same business day provided the payment order is submitted by 16:30.
  • The following updates of e-banking tools most often used by business customers will make routine work in Danske eBank easier:
  1. You will be able to access all the business accounts and agreements managed by you upon logging-in by means of a password generator or e-signature.
  2. Payment templates and recipient lists may be public or private; you will be able to establish who of your colleagues can view and manage certain payments.
  3. Limits applied to a user will be checked at signature of operation rather than at its creation thus making control of payment orders even more efficient.
  • It is equally important that we, being part of Danske Bank Group, are able to store your private details as well as information on your accounts and services, i. e. your money in the systems of the Group in the Kingdom of Denmark. This means that your accounts and money kept in Lithuania or Latvia are treated equally to accounts in any other country where the Group operates.

Changes to Bank Account Agreement

The terms and conditions applicable to all financial services provided by Danske Bank A/S Lithuania Branch (hereinafter referred to as ‘Danske Bank’) according to Bank Account Agreement will be set out in a single new document, i. e. the General Conditions. This document that forms part of the conditions of the provision of services by Danske Bank will be the main document underlying our cooperation.

The General Conditions will detail the cooperation relations between the bank and its customers: identification of the customer, requirements for documents submitted to the bank, procedure for giving instructions to the bank, requirements for entering into and termination of agreements with the bank, provisions on prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, protection of secrets of the bank, provisions on setting and changing of interest rates and fees, communication between the customer and the bank, claims and disputes settlement procedures, principles of customers’ personal data processing, and other general provisions applicable to all services provided by the bank.

All documents related to the Bank Account Agreement currently in force will be replaced with new ones, therefore, new standard terms and conditions for banking services will apply. Information related to your services (e. g. the bank account number and e-banking log-in data) specified in the Special Part of the Bank Account and other customer-specific data of the agreements will remain the same.

Updated pricelist

From 1 July 2017, updated service and transaction rates will come into effect: upon combining the services, uniform names of part of the bank services will be used in Lithuania and Latvia and some service fees will be changed.

Temporary suspension of online services

During the weekend when the changes are planned to be implemented, i. e. from the evening of 30 June 2017 until the evening of 2 July, updating of the information systems of Danske Bank will take place, therefore, services of Danske eBank, Danske mBank and Danske SMS bank will not be provided in this period. You will be reminded of this additionally.