E-Invoice Sending

E-invoice is an electronic document that is intended to send to your customers for the goods sold or services provided. E-invoice is forwarded via bank’s secure electronic channel and customers can store and manage them via Danske eBank.

Useful to your business

  • Less expenses for invoicing. You will not need to print and send paper invoices. E-invoice complies with all of the requirements of invoices in the Law of Value Added Tax and can therefore be used instead of paper invoices
  • Reliable receipt of funds. You will not have to worry that customer might forget to pay for the goods or services on time, provided, bank will initiate e-invoice related payments automatically
  • It is enough to make an agreement with Danske Bank only. You just need to make an agreement with Danske Bank for e-invoice sending, and your customers will be able to receive and pay the e-invoices from any bank in Lithuania
  • Convenient for your customers. By choosing to pay the e-invoices automatically, a customer will not have to worry about paying the e-invoices, and will always be able to manage the payments made in a safe Danske eBank environment
  • Safe for your customers. If the customer does not not like to choose automatic payment service, he can conform e-invoice related payments manually using pre-filled payment order. Less risk to enter the incorrect amount or account number

How to order?

  • Contact your manager, send us an electronic query or call 1636
  • Make an agreement with Danske Bank for e-invoice sending
  • Adapt your accounting systems to e-invoice delivery to customers. See here for the rules and technical specification established by the Lithuanian Bank Association: www.lba.lt/lt/e-saskaita
  • Inform your customers about the possibility to receive and pay e-invoices

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