Standing Orders

Based on the decision of Danske Bank Group to discontinue banking services in the Baltic States, no new payment services agreements are concluded with Danske Bank A/S Lithuania branch.

Creating your own standing order

  • Amount of payment can be
    • Fixed amount
    • The entire balance in the account or the required percentage of the balance
    • The entire amount up to the minimum balance that must remain on your account after the transfer of funds to the beneficiary has been executed
  • Frequency of payments
    • You can indicate the months of the year – every month, every other month, every quarter or individual months
    • The day of the month – every day or individual days of the month
    • The weeks of the month – every week, every day of the week or individual days of the week
  • Period of the agreement
    • You can select a period from 1 month to 10 years for standing orders in EUR inside EEA and from 1 month up to 3 years for international standing orders
    • You can always cancel the agreement in case a need arises