Danske SMS Bank

If you do not have Danske SMS bank agreement yet, please order it on Danske eBank.

  • Be informed when your salary is transferred to your account
  • Check instantly how much money there is on your  account.
  • Send a SMS message with instructions to transfer money.

SMS Bank

  • Write SMS message
    • write your 4–9 digit password;
    • when you've written your password, enter one space;
    • write the service code;
    • if additional information is needed, enter one space and
    • write the additional information (if it's required to indicate your account, enter the serial number of the account).
  • Send written SMS message
    • 1636 (when sending in Lithuania from Bitė Lietuva or Omnitel networks)
    • +370 6527 1636 (when sending from abroad or from Tele2 network)

    Enter the telephone number of Danske SMS bank into your mobile phone address book. Then you'll have it whenever you need it!

  • How much does it cost
    • Signing a Danske SMS bank contract is free of charge.
    • The cost of every message sent to the bank is the same as the cost of sending a message under the payment plan tariffs of your mobile phone network.
    • The cost of every message – response – received from Danske Bank is EUR 0,09.

    It's not a big charge compared to the significant use of this service in particular situations. E.g.: You found an item in the shop that you've been looking for a long time; however, you weren't planning to buy it today and weren't sure that there would be enough money on your payment account. Simply send a message to Danske Bank you'll receive an immediate response that the money has been transferred from your account into your payment card. You pay 31 cents (9 euro cents) for this message and you can buy what you want right then instead of having to return to the shop later.

  • How do I become a user of Danske SMS bank?
    • Come to the nearest Danske Bank division and sign the contract of services (have an identity document with you).
    • Activate the service – replace the primary password provided in the contract of Danske SMS bank with your own password composed of 4–9 digits.

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