Transfer and termination of accounts

  • Closing a current account

    You can terminate the current account agreement and related agreements in two ways:

    1. by filling-in an application in Danske eBank (Applications -> New application -> Others -> Application for termination of a current account agreement);
    2. by filling-in an application at Danske Bank headquarters (Saltoniskiu 2, Vilnius).
      NB! As the Saltoniskiu customer service centre is closing on 21 December 2018, in order to schedule an appointment with one of our relationship managers, you should call +370 5 215 6666.

    Should you have any questions, please call us at +370 5 215 6666.

  • Account transfer service

    The Account Transfer Service is an assistance provided by the old and newly chosen payment service provider to the customer who wishes to transfer the account related services to the new payment service provider.

    This includes:

    • Standing orders (periodic payments)
    • Periodic incoming credit transfers
    • Account balance transfer
    • Closing of payment accounts with the old payment service provider
    • Delivery of information to the new provider(e-payments and their automatic transfers)

    Request for account transfer service (in Lithuanian only)

    More information in Lithuanian language can be found in the guide prepared by the Lithuanian Banking Association, visit Association website for more information.

    Please call us at +370 5 215 6666 if any questions.