Current Account

An account is one of the most fundamental things we can offer you. Account is a simple and flexible solution for your everyday finance. You can have more accounts to meet your different needs.

With Danske Bank account you can achieve more 

  • Being the part of Danske Bank Group allows us to store the customer information on your accounts and services in the systems of Danske Bank Group in the Kingdom of Denmark. This means that your accounts and money are treated equally to accounts in any other country where the Group operates.
  • You will easily manage your daily finances through Danske Bank account management tools – Danske eBank, Danske mBank or other.
  • You will be able to use your account for various needs – weather it’s receiving necessary financing from the bank, funds from your partner, trading abroad or many more.

More about accounts

  • IBAN

    International bank account number or IBAN is the internationally standardised version of your current account number. It is used in the European Union for foreign and local money transfers.

    IBAN must be provided as beneficiary’s account number.

  • Account transfer service

    The Account Transfer Service is an assistance provided by the old and newly chosen payment service provider to the customer who wishes to transfer the account related services to the new payment service provider.

    This includes:

    • Standing orders (periodic payments)
    • Periodic incoming credit transfers
    • Account balance transfer
    • Closing of payment accounts with the old payment service provider
    • Delivery of information to the new provider(e-payments and their automatic transfers)

    Request for account transfer service (in Lithuanian only)

    More information in Lithuanian language can be found in the guide prepared by the Lithuanian Banking Association, visit Association website for more information.

    Please call us at 1636 if any questions.

System of insurance of deposits and liabilities to investors

  • System of insurance of deposits and liabilities to investors

    All deposits and assets intended for purchasing financial instruments and held at Danske Bank A/S Latvia Branch are subject to compulsory insurance in The Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors (Danish Kingdom).

  • What is the Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors?
    The Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors (hereinafter – the fund) means the body established by the act of Parliament of the Kingdom of Denmark. Within certain limits, the fund reimburses losses incurred by clients of Danish banks, mortgage banks or investment companies, where a bank, a mortgage bank or an investment company is subject to compulsorily dissolution. This protection also applies to all clients of Danske Bank A/S Lithuania Branch (hereinafter – the bank) (private individuals and legal entities).
  • How much is reimbursed by the fund?
    The fund can pay compensation of up to EUR 100,000 for deposits or funds in the client's bank account in any currency.

    The fund also compensates the loss incurred by an investor if the investor's securities managed, or administered by the bank, or held in an investor securities account are not returned by the bank. The amount of compensation is EUR 20,000 per investor.
  • How is the compensation calculated?
    The amount of loans and other financial obligations to the bank is deducted from the total sum of cash deposits held by the client at the bank and the balance held in his/her bank accounts. The client is paid a positive balance of funds up to EUR 100,000.

    Generally, suspension of the bank's payments or compulsorily dissolution has no effect on securities, because even in such cases investors usually recover their securities.
    However, sometimes, securities cannot be returned to the investor. In such cases, the fund reimburses the loss because securities were not recovered in the amount of up to EUR 20,000 per investor less any debts to the bank. However, the compensation cannot exceed the market value of outstanding securities.
  • How can I apply for compensation?
    Not later than five business days after commencement of reconstruction or bankruptcy proceedings, the Guarantee Fund will send you a statement of your total balance together with guidelines on how to proceed (the guidelines will also be available at the fund's website).

    When you have received the statement, your new bank will help you file a claim with the Guarantee Fund. The Guarantee Fund will pay the deposits to your new bank within seven business days.

    You can contact the Guarantee Fund at this address:

    Garantiformuen (Danish Deposit Guarantee Scheme)
    Sankt Annæ Plads 13, 2. tv.
    DK-1250 København K
    Tel. (+45) 33 14 62 45
    Home page:

    If you have not received the payment within seven business days, we recommend that you contact the Guarantee Fund as you may need to observe a deadline for claiming payment.
  • Additional information about the Danish Deposit Guarantee Scheme
    Garantiformuen (Danish Deposit Guarantee Scheme)
    Sankt Annæ Plads 13, 2. tv.
    DK-1250 København K
    Tel. (+45) 33 14 62 45
    Home page:

    Danish Act that regulates guaranteeing of deposits and securities

    An English translation of the Danish Act that regulates the guaranteeing of deposits and securities can be found on the website of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority that can be accessed at or

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