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Consumer Loan

Based on the Danske Bank Group decision to discontinue banking services in the Baltic States, no new credit agreements are concluded with Danske Bank A/S Lithuania branch. From May 2020 management of the existing credit agreements will be taken over by Siauliu bankas.

What we can do for you?

In case of questions, please call us at +370 5 215 6666.

Loan repayment

  • Loan repayment

    The loan repayment may be linear or by annuity:

    • Linear method – the loan is repaid in equal parts and interest is calculated on the remaining loan balance, thus repayments to the bank gradually decrease each month.
    • Annuity method – equal amounts are repaid each month consisting of loan repayments and monthly interest.

    The amount of the returned loan and interest are automatically deposited from your bank account at the date of your choice – this way we save your time.

  • Early repayment of credit

    In order to repay the credit earlier, please fill-in and submit the application for early repayment to the Bank no later than 5 (five) business days prior to the relevant payment date .

    When repaying the credit early, the borrower must cover the fee specified in the Agreement for the the early repayment credit or part of it (compensation), in case the consumer credit or part of it that is being repaid early, exceeds EUR 2316.96 (two thousand three hundred and sixteen euros and ninety-six euro cents) over any twelve-month period.