Hassle-free banking

Expert financing solutions for every stage of your life and for every member of your family. Convenient and affordable everyday banking to ensure your banking operations go smoothly and quickly.

Contact your Private Banker to learn about your insurance options

  • How to use my money easily?

    Everyday banking transactions must be fast and easy. As a Private Banking customer, you can use a number of everyday services. Online and mobile banking are the quickest and most convenient way to handle everyday transactions. In addition, we offer the option to carry out daily banking operations by phone. If you are interested, please contact your Private Banker.
  • Finance your dreams

    There are as many dreams and wishes in the world as there are people. It could be a new business project, an improvement of your present loan conditions or the well-earned possibility to buy a “toy” – something will always make your heart beat faster. Danske’s Private Banking division analyses every project thoroughly and makes you a personal offer. We don’t follow general market conditions, but we promise we will do everything we can to offer you the best possible conditions tailored to your needs and lifestyle. You can also let us take a good look at your finances to make sure that they will always be in good shape.
  • Manage your risks

    Life is full of the unexpected. Any one of us can be struck by an unexpected accident or illness at any time. Treatment or recuperation can often take up a lot of our time and means, which also means higher expenses.

    If your family depends on you financially, you are the main provider or have taken out a loan, it makes sense to think about insuring the future of yourself and your loved ones. You want to maintain your quality of life and not burden your loved ones with your monthly expenses. This is why you should consider buying insurance that provides you and your family with a sense of financial security in difficult times.

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