Our way of doing things

Danske Bank can create new values from your current financial possibilities.

As a Private Banking client with Danske Bank, we provide you with personalized advice and tailored solutions based on your needs. We help you structure the components of your wealth in the best way possible and show you how to assess things that may impact your financial situation now and in the future. We offer investment, financing and everyday banking services for all stages of your life.

Our Private Banking is focused on serving the managers of the companies that are Danske Bank customers.

You will have your own Private Banker who will get to know your needs and wishes in order to guarantee the results you expect.

  • We have the right people

    Danske Bank provides you your own team of specialists. Your personal manager together with our wealth planners and client assistants will give you proactive and professional advice as well as access to an extensive range of services and products for your everyday banking and more complex financial needs.
  • We have time for you

    Your Private Banker is always at your disposal, no matter when or where you want to talk to us. We make sure that our agreements and promises are kept appropriately and on time. We approach your requests and needs with attention and responsibility, involving our leading specialists where necessary. As our customer, you always have our dedicated team at your disposal, and they make every effort to find the most suitable solutions for you.
  • Unique solutions

    Our biggest challenge is to give personal advice and create personal value. We will create bigger value from your financial possibilities by getting to know your wishes and interests and using Danske Group’s unique know-how. We have the right people and unique solutions, so we can promise we will be your most trustworthy adviser.Balancing means that we automatically transfer funds from selected accounts to a single account. That way you can keep your liquidity in one place.

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