Financing for all purposes

A variety of options is available when your business needs financing. You can read more about them here.

Most businesses have a constant need for financing, whether it is for establishment, operation, development or maintenance. We have you covered!

Every day we draw up financing solutions for customers from small businesses to the largest companies in Lithuania.

As such, we can also help your business.

An often overlooked element when it comes to financing is working capital. Many businesses can free up funds to reduce their financing needs (along with interest costs) or increase their financing capacity by optimising their working capital. This can involve anything from effective handling of debtors and creditors to compiling an optimal loan and credit business portfolio.

Below you can read about some of the financing possibilities we offer. When it comes to greater financing needs for more complex businesses, an off-the-shelf item is not enough. In this case we always start with a strategic discussion and end with a custom-made solution.

Let's put your business in the best position and help your business to grow!

Financing options

  • Business loan

    Credit intended for business expansion: to acquire new equipment, machinery, and technologies, to buy real estate, and for construction companies to build residential homes.

    Read more about investment loans >

  • Credit Line

    Intended for supplementing working capital, providing guarantee and securities, and issuing documentary letters of credit.
  • Overdraft

    Tool to increase your working capital and effect payments although the balance of your bank account is not sufficient to effect the payment.

    Read more about overdrafts >
  • Leasing

    Leasing can be an attractive alternative to corporate loans and mortgages, whether it concerns the financing of cars, IT equipment or properties. Leasing things binds up less capital and can give your business greater flexibility than if you owned them.

    Car lease
    Danske Bank can help your business quickly and easily purchase a suitable car, van or small bus.
    Read more about car leases >

    Commercial vehicle lease
    Danske Bank can help your business purchase a variety of commercial vehicles. Vehicles can be purchased on a capital or operating lease and you can lease new or used vehicles.
    Read more about vehicle leases >

    Equipment lease
    Danske Bank can help you purchase a variety of equipment and machinery. New or used equipment can be purchased on either a capital or operating lease.
    Read more about equipment leases >
  • For larger companies

    If you are a larger company with more complex financing needs, we can of course also help with that.

    Contact your advisor or your local finance centre to find out more.

    If you need help clarifying what the best financing option is for your business, feel free to contact us at emailaddress or on phone number.

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