Danske Bank in Lithuania

Danske Bank with its headquarters in Copenhagen is a Nordic universal bank with strong regional roots and bridges to the rest of the world. We operate in 16 different countries and serve more than 3.4 million personal, business and institutional customers.

In Lithuania Danske Bank serves Nordic customers and subsidiaries of Nordic companies doing business in Lithuania. Also it has established one of the fastest growing IT organisations and a Global service center.

Danske Bank A/S Lithuania Branch

Danske Bank in the Baltic countries focuses exclusively on supporting subsidiaries of Nordic customers and global corporates with a significant Nordic footprint. Using tools and experience of the Danske Bank Group, we provide cross border solutions for our international customers anywhere where we have a geographical footprint


Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania

Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania (DGITL) was established in the end of 2014 and is a part of Group IT Danske Bank – organisation which delivers financial solutions to customers. It is the fastest growing IT organisation in Lithuanian market employing around 800 high class IT professionals.

As IT organisation DGITL structure is based on two blocks – IT infrastructure and Development. Organisation is aligned with Danske Bank’s organisation in order to support the business units in offering innovative digital solutions: personal banking IT, business banking IT, corporates & institutions IT and others.

Danske Bank Global Services Lithuania

In 2012 Danske Bank established its Global Services Centre (GSL) in Vilnius, which became the key strategic center for a vast portfolio of banking operations (markets, transaction banking, daily banking, consulting for large and corporate customers, etc.), professional services, business support functions (legal, finance, risk management, procurement, HR) and front-end product development (Mobile Life). Within a few years the center has become home to a variety of professionals, working in 16 global units and grown into a set of competence centers with end-to-end process ownership, business mandate and direct impact on customer experience.

Today nearly 1500 GSL employees work in a global-teams set-up, with customers across 15 countries.