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Cookie Policy

The Danske Bank Group wants its webpages to be transparent and to offer you content that is relevant for you. To help us to do this, we use ‘cookies’ i.e. technologies which collect data about you, about how you and other visitors use our websites, and also about how you use our digital apps. The purpose of this policy is to be clear and transparent about how we use cookies and your data so that you will have enough knowledge to make a choice about accepting or rejecting cookies, including what you should be aware of and how you can prevent the use of your data.

What are cookies?

Cookies are passive software files that are stored on your computer or other IT equipment and collect data. We use the term “cookies” broadly, but it covers both real cookies and methods similar to cookies in browsers and apps. Cookies cannot spread viruses or other harmful programs. Cookies will not record who you are or where you live, but they can tell us about the websites you have visited on your device e.g. mobile phone or tablet. We can combine this with other information that we hold about you.

General cookie overview and why we use cookies

Below is a list of our four types of cookies with a description of what they do and what they are used for, along with some examples of cookies we will be able to store on your device when you use our site.

Cookie Purpose Description Cookie examples
Necessary These cookies help make our homepage work by activating elementary function such as page navigation, language selection and access to secure areas of the homepage. The site does not function properly without these cookies and you cannot reject these cookies when using our site.
  • Danske Bank-cookies
  • Qbrics
Functional Functional (or so-called “preference”-) cookies enable our homepage to remember the settings you choose which affect the way the page is shown –. You can reject these cookies in the cookie banner.
  • Qualtrics
Statistical These cookies we use to track our site visitors’ behaviour on an aggregated level in order to measure the performance of our website and thus optimise it. E.g., how do visitors use our page, what region are they from and what features are they looking at. You can reject these cookies in the cookie banner.
  • Adobe Analytics
Marketing These cookies enable us to identify you (your device) and profile your behaviour in order to provide content relevant content to you. We also compare your navigation on our site with data we buy from 3rd party suppliers in order to be more relevant in our marketing to you, and to provide direct marketing on other media/sites than our own. You can reject these cookies in the cookie banner. Some 3rd parties set their marketing cookies via our site - in agreement with us - in order for us to compare the interests you have shown on our site to interests you have shown on other webpages. In the section “3rd party cookies” below, you can see which 3rd party marketing cookies we have on our site, along with a link to how they handle your cookie data.
  • Adform
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Celebrus
  • Adobe (demdex)


We will keep your cookie data for up to 3 years after it has last been activated (from when you last visited our site). Cookies set by 3rd parties via our website are not administered by us but by the 3rd parties themselves – you can read the cookie policy of our 3rd party cookie suppliers in the section “3rd party cookies” below.

Life span for cookies set – please see cookie panel below.

Consent to our use of cookies, change of cookie consent, refusal of cookies and deletion of cookies

Consent to our use of cookies

When you first enter one of our websites or download our apps, we set cookies that are needed to enable you to use our service – these are known as necessary cookies. When you accept cookies, we will set cookies according to the choice you have made to improve and measure the performance of our service and to send you relevant marketing messages.

Refusal of cookies - browser

You can choose to reject all cookies except those that are necessary by selecting “necessary only” in the banner. This means that only those cookies that are necessary for our site to function and to remember your cookie choice will be set. You can also reject cookies by clicking the link Change cookie setting in the cookie panel below.

Refusal of cookies – apps

When downloading our apps you can reject cookies by rejecting the use of “data collection” when installing it.

Change cookie consent – browser

You can change your consent at any time by deleting all your cookies. The procedure for erasing cookies will depend on the browser you are using, but you can always find help on how to erase cookies in your browser on www.aboutcookies.org

Remember to erase cookies in all browsers if you use more than one browser. If you have deleted your cookies and revisit our site, you will be asked for a cookie consent again and then you can reject all cookies that are not necessary. You may then continue without us setting cookies other than the necessary cookies needed for use of our services. You can also click the link Change cookie setting in the cookie panel below to reject cookie.

You can also completely avoid cookies by disabling use of cookies in your browser. However, you should be aware that disabling use of cookies means that you will not be able to log on to our digital solutions or use other functions which require cookies.

Change consent – Apps

If you want to change your consent given in apps, you must uninstall the app first and then reinstall it with the new consent.

3rd party cookies on our site

Some of the marketing cookies enabled on your device when you visit our webpage and consent to marketing cookies are owned by 3rd parties. The 3rd parties help Danske Bank convey relevant marketing messages when you visit these 3rd parties on their sites. The 3rd parties may use your data collected by their cookies for purposes other than those decided by Danske Bank and if you accept these marketing cookies/-services the 3rd parties’ cookie policies and policies on processing of personal data apply. . Examples of 3rd parties we cooperate with are Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. You may read how the relevant 3rd parties use your data (cookie policy) in the sections “Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin” and “Google Ads Conversion Tracking” below Our shared data responsibility means that we continue to be responsible for the 3rd party’s use of your data which are processed for our benefit. You can see how the 3rd party makes a distinction between our shared responsibility with them and their responsibilities on the 3rd party’s homepage as described below.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Danske Bank Group uses re-targeting cookies (also called “pixels”) from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These pixels are used to perform statistical analyses as well as profiling for direct marketing purposes.

The cookies in this area are marketing cookies. When we/you use these services from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, their cookie rules apply. You can read more about their cookie policies here:

Google Ads conversion tracking

The Google conversion tracking allows us to know if the traffic we buy from Googles Search Engine has the desired effect.

The cookies in this area are marketing cookies. When we/you use these services from Google, their cookie rules apply.

You can read Google’s Cookie policy here.

How does Danske Bank process my personal data?

Our use of cookies can also include processing of personal data and we recommend that you read how we process personal data as well as more about your rights here.

Please note

If you request to be contacted by us, send us an email, or request to be sent a brochure or similar material via our websites, you will typically be asked to provide your name and address, email address, telephone number and some other details to allow us to process and respond to your enquiry. We do not use cookies to store this data.


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