Nordic and global footprint

We have an offering tailored to the specific needs of our international customers.

Does your company operate on the international market? We provide global support for our Nordic customers, as well as support and products for global customers doing business in the Nordic countries.

We know that with international operations come special challenges and added financial complexity. With us as your partner in international business, you will have a seamless banking network at your disposal. Our goal is to provide the optimal service for subsidiaries (and their parent companies) through a unique, uniform cross-border service concept.

Let's put your business in the best position and help your business to grow!

Key benefits for our international customers

  • One point of entry

    Through a single point of entry to all Danske Bank markets, we offer holistic advice and international solutions without losing important local market insight and day-to-day interaction. Together with specialist knowledge of how to establish banking services on each market, our local International Banking units provide prompt and reliable services offered in the local languages as well as English.
  • Superior cross-border and local solutions

    As a full-service financial provider, we can help your company with improved overview and control, optimising your local and international business.

    Example areas include:
    Local needs – accounts (with domestic clearing), Business systems, cards, guarantees and leasing
    International needs – cash pools, cross-border facilities and FX
  • A uniforms cross-border service concept

    Our local units specialise in offering unified services where both local and international needs are met. Fast and fluent implementation of solutions (e.g. cash management and financing) is achieved through continuous coordination between markets.
  • Specialised staff on all markets

    Through our global network, we have a profound understanding of the needs of international groups as well as local infrastructure insight. Our International Relationship Managers are specialised in establishing local banking solutions as part of an international set-up, and have in-depth knowledge of Danske Bank’s cross-border cash management solutions.


International Banking helps with:

- Danske Bank’s Nordic customers do business abroad

- Global corporates do business in the Nordics

We work locally in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Russia.

Our affiliate network includes more than 1300 correspondent banks around the world.

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