Smooth solutions for SME's

An important challenge for a small business is to push your business to a halt, but so that costs do not go up and daily operations are as smooth as possible. We think with you, share expert advice and find solutions that support your business model. As a customer of Danske Bank, you will receive useful offers that will help your company save costs and manage your business more smoothly. Our fast service, simple everyday banking services and convenient self-service channels keep your time together.

Let's put your business in the best position and help your business to grow!


  • Financing

    An overdraft facility can be used to finance the operation of your business in those periods when revenue does not match the costs or you need to cover unexpected expenses. Your business can use bank’s assets according to need within the amount and deadline set by the contract. Read more about overdraft here.

    We help your business quickly and comfortably purchase a suitable car, van or small bus. You may lease both new and used vehicles. Read more about leasing here.
  • Trade Finance

    Offering better payment terms for buyers, companies are often facing lack of liquidity. The outstanding invoices hinder options to invest and grow. There might also occur problems with controlling and disciplining the buyers. In such cases it is useful to apply for factoring. Factoring enables financing with no additional collaterals as the receivables are collateral. Read more about factoring here.

    The guarantee helps your business to hedge your risks by assuring you the buyer's solvency. The guarantee will give you the amount of indicated on the security deposit, if guaranteed obligation is not fulfilled. Read more about guarantees here.
  • Solutions for merchants

    Payment terminal
    With card payment your business risk of handling cash is decreased and your company’s turnover will increase. Your company can save the expenses of handling cash and you can keep convenient overview of card transactions. Read more about payment terminal here.

    e-Commerce allows businesses to earn more income at considerably lower expenses. The share of e-Commerce in trade is increasing very quickly, as an increasing number of people who use cards buy goods and services on the Internet, because it is cheaper, easier and faster.

    e-Commerce is the service that allows you to sell goods and services to consumers on your website. Read more about e-Commerce here.

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