Savings Account

This is a tool that will allow you to save conveniently and, if necessary, to withdraw all or part of the accumulated money.

What we can do for you?

In case of questions, please call us at +370 5 215 6666.

Forms and Documents

Why is it worh having a savings account?

  • Save without additional expenses

    Opening and managing an account is free. You can keep euros or US dollars in it. We will ensure the liquidity of your finances – you will be able to take back your money at any time.
  • Earn interest

    The regular interest is calculated on the closing balance of the savings account at the end of the each day and paid to the Customer every month.
    If you keep your money in the savings account for the whole term of the premium, you will receive a premium – additional interest.


    The premium is calculated for each day of the bonus period (three or six months) on the lowest balance recorded at the end of day in your savings account during full period of premium. This lowest balance is identified after the last completed transaction in the savings account on the final day of the period. The premium is paid on the final day of the term. The second premium period begins when the first premium period ends and so on.

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  • Manage your account conveniently

    You can manage the account in a way convenient to you, through Danske eBank or Danske mBank or by visiting a customer service unit of Danske Bank.

System of insurance of deposits and liabilities to investors

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