The nominees were evaluated based on how effectively they ensure a healthy work-family life balance, taking into account every extra step the company took that went above and beyond the standard.

A healthy work-life balance is one of the values ensured by Danske Bank for its employees. According to their needs, employees are offered additional leave days, flexible working hours, kid-friendly premises in the office, a paid allowance to create a safe and productive work setting at home, and many more.

At the same time, Danske Bank supports families of all kinds and provides paid parental leave for gender-neutral families.

Vilius Lukauskas, Country business manager at Danske Bank

"Each of us has a number of roles and responsibilities in our lives, and the biggest challenge is to keep a healthy work-family life balance in whatever we do, to be caring, loving, happy, successful, and effective.

Such awards just remind us of all the efforts that support our work and family life, how it lifts the bar high and has an impact in the local market."