The move happens as part of the bank’s Forward ’28 strategy on increased investments in digital platforms. Specifically, to determine how generative AI can help employees and customers.

The effort includes tools such as:

  • DanskeGPT, which has been released for internal use among employees.
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot, which is being explored as a proof of concept.
  • GitHub Copilot, which is also running as a proof of concept.
  • DanskeGPT as an internal smart assistant, which is planned to start testing in the near future.

The project is part of a broader strategic focus on the technological area, which includes repositioning to cloud, new technology, new applications, and artificial intelligence. It is expected that this development will aid in keeping up with new technology, increase productivity and give employees an opportunity to work with and experience the new tools.

”Our vision is to provide different generative AI solutions, which can be utilised across different business units while making sure it is secure and compliant. We have great expectations to how generative AI can support our advisors and all colleagues to become more effective and spend their time on value-added services,” says Frans Woelders, Chief Operating Officer at Danske Bank.

One tool, DanskeGPT, has already been released, while others are currently being explored as possible investment opportunities. Some tools can aid employees in specific tasks such as writing or testing code, while others can help with time consuming duties such as writing summaries, meeting notes or creating presentations.

It is anticipated that the use of generative AI will enable employees to focus on core responsibilities and projects and hence create a more efficient and engaged working environment.

The introduction of new AI tools also means that Danske Bank is in the process of identifying several new competences that are needed in the work with generative AI. This implies, among other things, that the bank is looking for talents to fill in new jobs that that the bank did not even know existed a year ago.

"The potential is huge, and I am certain that as we embrace this new technology more widely, it will be a positive change to how we work and a great support in our efforts to provide great products and services to our customers,” says Frans Woelders.

AI tools we are testing or releasing