As of May 1st, 2019 Danske Bank changes its pricing services for private and corporate customers.

Administration fee introduced for closed accounts’ funds

The monthly administration fee for closed account funds will apply to all closed accounts if the accounts have a positive balance of funds. Monthly administration fee for resident customers will be EUR 4.00. Non-resident customers - 40.00 EUR.
Customers will be charged three months after the account closure.

We encourage customers who have closed or intend to close their accounts with Danske Bank, as well as customers for which account (-s) will be closed at Danske Bank’s initiative, to transfer the funds to the account opened with another payment service provider.

Fee for issuing copies of documents

Changes in fees for issuing copies of documents as of May 1st 2019:
- Fee for issuing copies of documents (per page) changes from EUR 1.45 to EUR 6.00;
- Fee for confirmation of the payment document in the bank changes from EUR 0.30 (per page) to EUR 6.00 (per page);
- Fee for issuing copies of documents (older than 1 year) chenges from 5,00 EUR to 6,00 EUR.

Detailed information on the pricing changes can be found here:
Pricelist for private customers;
Pricelist for corporate customers.

The new Pricelist will take effect automatically on May 1st, 2019. If you do not agree with the changes, you have the right to terminate the respective Service agreement immediately, performing all contractual obligations beforehand.