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FuturePros is an annual Danske Bank Lithuania talent development programme for students, recent graduates, or reskilled specialists.  

Initially, programme targeted IT positions only, however due to programmes success and participants’ exceeding expectations, this year we have broadened the scope to include more positions that offer meaningful tasks and interesting challenges! 

The programme started in June 2019, and since then 76 new ambitious colleagues have joined our organisation, 71 are still working at the bank and 30 have already got permanent positions! 

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What's in it for you?

  • Kick-start your career
    The programme is aimed to allow participants to combine work with studies, kick-start their careers in an international organisation and gain valuable practical knowledge with a possibility to become permanent employees at Danske Bank in two years!
  • Combine it with your studies
    We offer you flexible or part-time working regime, in case you’re still studying. In addition, you are entitled to educational leave indicated in Labour Code in addition to the standard annual leave. This leave is unpaid by the law, but Danske Bank covers 5 days of this leave per calendar year. 
  • Learn & develop

    Programme puts a strong focus on learning & development of hired FuturePros. Apart from the Buddy assigned to every new employee of Danske Bank, we organise various meetups throughout the year. From getting to know our organisation – it’s structure, culture, processes, tools or technologies we use (e.g. private cloud, data science, mainframe, DevOps, robotics), to learning about critical soft skills, like communication, stakeholder management, emotional intelligence, or giving the feedback. In addition to that, we seek to strengthen the community and build the network among participants, hence, there are social events organised several times per year. 

    Of course, our FuturePros can also participate in all the other professional or social events, happening at Danske Bank, organised by our colleagues in Lithuania or globally.

  • Get a competitive salary
    It is not another internship where you work for free. We do offer a competitive salary for your input into our organisation’s success!
  • Enjoy Danske Bank employees' benefits
    You will be eligible to all Danske Bank Lithuania benefits such as health insurance, additional holiday days, office perks like our canteens, gyms, game rooms, various discounts for services and other great deals! Check it our here
  • Explore career opportunities
    Participants are hired with 1 year temporary contract at first with a possible extension for a second year. We have a goal to grow our FuturePros participants into associate roles in 2 years’ time and offer them a suitable permanent position.

Application & Selection process

Programme targets students, recent graduates and reskilled specialists in Lithuania.

FuturePros selection process

  • 1) Application

    1) Application

    Candidates submit applications (contact details, CV) via Danske Bank career site.  Afterwards, they get link to fill an additional questionnaire and are asked to upload 1 minute intro video about themselves. Homework tasks might be given at this stage as well. Successful candidates are then invited to attend assessment centre
  • 2) Assessment centre

    2) Assessment centre

    Assesment centre is usually a one-day event where candidates’ skills and personal traits are tested during the individual and group tasks. The assessment centres can be built based on the competences or the specific areas. Each one of them include from 10 to 30 candidates. Individual tasks test the skills that are required in a job and logical thinking. Yet, the group tasks test candidates’ teamwork, leadership, communication, analytical, problem solving skills. 
  • 3) Individual interview

    3) Individual interview

    After these tasks, successful candidates are invited to the individual interviews, occurring on the same day after lunch. This interview lasts 20-45 minutes, focuses on the tasks the candidate completed that day and evaluates candidate’s fit for a position in terms of the skills and knowledge. At the end of the day successful candidates are invited to the final interview.
  • 4) Final interview

    4) Final interview

    al interview happens in the next few days and is dedicated to evaluate personal traits and cultural fit.
  • 5) Job offer

    5) Job offer

    Selected candidates are contacted directly by the hiring managers who communicate the offer via telephone and e-mail.

What do we expect from the applicants? 

We wish our candidates would:

Be fluent in English (at least B2 is expected)

Have finished at least 2 years of their bachelor studies in the fields depending on the roles available during the programme’s season (e.g., IT, computer sciences, physics, business management, finance)

Have analytical thinking, problem solving, coding (if apply for IT positions) skills

Be open-minded, able and wishing to collaborate and not afraid to take responsibilities

Be able to participate in all day assessment centres organised in a pre-set date

FuturePros stories

  • "I received my bachelor's degree in economics from Vilnius University and had no previous experience in the information technology field. Prior to joining the FuturePros programme, I worked in Accounting and Asset Services, and with the help of supportive new colleagues and the opportunity to learn new things every day, I was able to completely change my career path."

    Rasa Baranauskiene

    IT software engineer 

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