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What's cooking @DanskeTech? 📰

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Key Takeaways from Amazon Web Services conference re:Invent 2021

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Amazon Web Services' annual cloud conference re:Invent, as well as the 15th anniversary of the public cloud. In this article, Donatas Bagdonas, Multicloud Product Owner, presents his overview of the services presented which are on Top of interest for Financial Services industry.

Danske Bank public cloud

#TechNews #PublicCloud 

Danske Bank integrates Public Cloud to accelerate innovation and improve customer experience

Integration of the public cloud will allow access to modern, highly scalable capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data analytics solutions. Implementation of these changes across the Group is handled by teams primarily based in Lithuania.

Saulius Vysniauskas, Cloud Specialist Chapter Lead at Danske Bank

How do you build an investment robot in a bank? The perspective of a Chapter Lead

What tech stack could you work with in Danske Bank? What challenges, as a developer, should you expect? What products do our developers enjoy developing the most? Our blog series "Tech Kitchen" reveals some behind-the-scenes development stories, giving you a glimpse of how we build things at Danske Bank.

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Tautvydas Versockas, Chapter Lead at Danske Bank

The Promised Land of Event Sourcing

Are you a Software Developer working in an inherently complex business domain? You might find this guide useful, as it deconstructs the Event Sourcing technology, provides practical tips and trustful sources. 

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Giedrius Slivinskas & Mindaugas Paskevicius, Chapter Leads at Danske Bank

Case Study: Building Change Loan Terms Solution (Part 1)

In this article, chapter leads Mindaugas Paskevicius and Giedrius Slivinskas deconstruct the process of solution-building and give a glimpse of how the Tribe Setup work in practice. Authors hope to spark discussions, inspire others, get second opinions, criticism, and suggestions for improvement and continuous learning.

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Karolina Griciūnė, Behavioral Modelling Team Manager at Danske Bank

The art of making Data Science work

In this article, Karolina outlines human-data subtleties, the key roles of product development process, the importance of knowing when to use simpler or more complex algorithms. Furthermore, she talks about understanding the context in which data is analysed to solve problems that will face the most crucial decision for your model - the production stage. 


Start strong in Tech

Wondering how can the start of your Tech journey look like in Danske Bank? Read the stories of our colleagues who successfully began their career with us.

Implementation of major Angular upgrade from a perspective of the Front-End Software Engineer

Are you a starting Front-End enthusiast and wonder if we have any tasks you might learn a lot doing? Greta Krylovaite, Front-End Software Engineer, says she loves a good challenge and shares several of them in the article.

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Caring about the user experience from the perspective of UX Designer and Front-End Software Engineer

Curious to see how working with the User Experience looks in practice? Giedre Latakaite (UX Designer) and Alanas Vaiciulis (Front-End Engineer) shared their learnings gained by improving our Clould2 experience.

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Our Pros @Women Go Tech 🙌


Meet Danske Bank's mentors for the 6th Women Go Tech season 

This season, seven colleagues joined the programme as Danske Bank mentors to share their expertise, support and encourage women in technology careers, and accelerate the industry's progress. Please meet them all in a short interview below, and be inspired if you're thinking about mentoring yourself or want to learn more about how mentoring works and what you can expect from it. 

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Top 5 Trends of Cloud Computing in 2022

Jonas Minelga, Cloud Chapter Lead for Risk Tribe at Danske Bank and Mentor at Women Go Tech, shared his insights about cloud computing.

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Our Pros @Buildstuff'2021 🔬

Curious about some behind-the-scenes of how we are building stuff at Danske? 


Take a look into our presentations for Buildstuff'21! 👩‍💻

Public cloud in a regulated industry, not just swipe of a credit card

#PublicCloud #SystemArchitecture

Stop wasting your time with Retrospectives

#Agile #EffectiveFacilitation

Rimante Petkeviciene Simon Kunddal danske it

How to make a safe & friendly software development environment for junior devs

#ProToPro #MentoringJuniors

dasnke IT Vilius Roskus

How It's Made: Building a Feature in Scaled-Agile Setup

#AgileInPractice #FeatureBuilding 

Giedrius Slivinskas Mindaugas Paskevicius

UI? No, only code to run your Multi Cloud


Common Data Scientists' mistakes I made (so you can avoid)

#ProToPro #DataScience

Karolina Griciune danske it

Moving from individual wells to a centralized CI/CD infrastructure @DanskeBank


Simonas Kareiva danske IT

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