The annual Danske Bank Lithuania talent development programme for students, graduates and reskilled specialists. The next application period is planned in 2023 April.

FuturePros is a paid one-year commitment for your development where you will obtain hands-on experience for a career start. No matter how far you are in the journey, we are ready to guide you and put your skills into practice. Former work experience is not required here and you can even continue your studies as we offer flexible schedule with various trainings, networking and community events.

Since 2019, we welcomed 129 talents and this year we are ready to grow the community further by hiring 50+ new colleagues across different areas in Danske Bank. If you are into IT, software engineering, data science, business analytics, risk management, finance, project management, this opportunity is designed for you.

Why <FuturePros>?

Selection process

  • Timeline

    April - applications start: submit your CV and additional information or homework tasks requested during this period.
    May - selected candidates are invited to the assessment centers and interviews.
    July - participants join Danske Bank and start growing into the associates.
  • 1) Application

    Candidates submit applications (contact details, CV) to the chosen career track via Danske Bank career site. The next application period is planned in 2023 Spring.

    Afterwards, they get a link to fill-in an additional questionnaire. Online homework tasks might be given at this stage as well. Selected candidates are then invited to attend assessment center given their competences and career preferences.

  • 2) Assessment centre

    Assesment center is usually a one-day event where candidates‘ skills and personal traits are tested. In addition, it is a chance to meet future leader and the team you might be working with. The assessment centers can be built based on the competences or the specific areas. Typically, from 10 to 30 candidates are invited to each assessment center.
  • 3) Individual interview

    Selected candidates are invited to the individual interviews, occurring on the same day as the assessments. This interview lasts 20-45 minutes, focuses on the tasks the candidate completed and evaluates candidate’s fit for a position in terms of the skills and knowledge.
  • 4) Job offer

    Selected candidates are contacted directly by the hiring managers who communicate the offer via telephone and e-mail.

You'll be a successful candidate, if you are:

Open-minded, collaborative and not afraid of taking responsibilities

Have analytical thinking, problem solving, coding (in case of IT roles) skills

Fluent in English (at least B2 is expected)

Able to participate in all day assessment centres organised in a pre-set date


"I received my bachelor's degree in economics from Vilnius University and had no previous experience in the information technology field. Prior to joining the FuturePros programme, I worked in Accounting and Asset Services, and with the help of supportive new colleagues and the opportunity to learn new things every day, I was able to completely change my career path."

Rasa Baranauskiene

IT software engineer 

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