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<FuturePros> is our annual talent development programme for students, graduates, and reskilled professionals. The next application period to <FuturePros> is planned in Spring 2024.

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FuturePros is a paid one-year commitment for your development where you will obtain hands-on experience for a career start. No matter how far you are in the journey, we are ready to guide you and put your skills into practice. Former work experience is not required here and you can even continue your studies as we offer flexible schedule with various trainings, networking and community events.

Since 2019, we welcomed 179 talents and this year we are ready to grow the community further by hiring 50+ new colleagues across different areas in Danske Bank. If you are into IT, software engineering, data science, business analytics, risk management, finance, project management, business consulting - this opportunity is designed for you.

Business track

  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Consulting
  • Management Support

Technology track

  • Software Engineering
  • Platform Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • IT Security

Why <FuturePros>?

Selection process

  • 1) Application

    Candidates submit applications (contact details, CV) to the chosen career track via Danske Bank career site. The 2024 application process is in Spring'24.

    Afterwards, they get a link to fill-in an additional questionnaire. Online homework tasks might be given at this stage as well. Selected candidates are then invited to attend assessment center given their competences and career preferences.

  • 2) Assessment centre

    Assesment center is usually a one-day event where candidates‘ skills and personal traits are tested. In addition, it is a chance to meet future leader and the team you might be working with. The assessment centers can be built based on the competences or the specific areas. Typically, from 10 to 30 candidates are invited to each assessment center.
  • 3) Job offer

    Selected candidates are contacted directly by the hiring managers who communicate the offer via telephone and e-mail.

What the future holds after <FuturePros> 

80% of program’s participants who joined us since 2019 are still employed at Danske Bank Lithuania, taking up more challenges and responsibilities across the organisation each year. There are a few scenarios for your further growth after the programme. 

Grow into the associate/junior specialist 

Continue your journey in the same team

Explore other career paths in the bank

You'll be a successful candidate, if you have:

The growth-seeking mindset

You are an open minded, curious student, graduate or reskilled specialist studying or residing in Lithuania at the time of the programme. 

The foundations for the chosen profile

We do not require work experience and the key thing for you to bring is the knowledge you have obtained at your higher education institution, coding school courses or individual studies. 

B2 level of English for daily communication

By joining <FuturePros>, you will become a part of international teams where colleagues from across the globe collaborate, therefore, English is our primary work language. 

FuturePros stories

"Danske Bank Lithuania was the first to speak to me and invite me to a job interview after I completed a coding course at the Vilnius Coding School. At work, I feel absolutely no different because of my age, but when I was at the coding school, I often heard people ask what I was doing there because, on many issues, I was capable of helping the teacher out, and I did. So I decided to take the course because I needed to get myself up to date. I understand that many things have changed over the years, from programming languages to actual technology."

Saulius Punis

IT Software Engineer

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