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Several reasons, why you will enjoy working with us:

1. We will trust you & value your freedom
Our trust is something we give by default. If you're with us - you are professional enough to make your own decisions, you are free to be your true self, you are always encouraged to speak up & be heard. 

2. Tech stack you will work with

Even though there's a "bank" in our name, it is no longer all about the mainframe. Look through the relevant job ads to see the specific technologies we use, or approach the hiring manager and hear it directly from him/her!

3. Products you will develop

Our colleagues play an important role in the development of some of the most innovative products powered by Danske. To name a few - JUNE (a robot simplifying the investment process), Real Estate Buying App (solution helping people buy housing), P27 Nordic Payments (a cross-border payment system) and many others. 

4. Flexible work opportunities 

In agreement with your manager you are free to select the way of working that suits you. Use your home office budget to improve the comfort of your work area at home, or come to work from the office and join your team in it's home zone at Danske Campus.

5. Comprehensive benefit package

We don't mean to brag, but it's true: our benefits package is one of the best ones in the market. It includes:

  • Additional Insurance package
  • Extra paid days-off
  • Third pillar pension fund
  • Canteen, free gym & parking services 
  • Wide range of employee clubs and activities are available too.
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Curious to know what you can develop in a bank?

Meet our Tribes to learn about their projects and technologies

  • Episode 1 -  Welcoming & Orchestration, Core Payments Platform, Finance and Retail Investment Tribes


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  • Episode 2 - AML Review, API Adoption & Architecture, Asset Finance and Markets Front Office Tribe 


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Meet industry experts & network

In Danske Technight events we seek to exchange the knowledge about various IT-related topics, discuss case studies & foster the collaboration between leading IT companies and professionals in Lithuania.  

Find recordings of presentations bellow and join Danske Tech community to join the upcoming events!

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Cybersecurity and the war in Ukraine: threats and impact for organizations

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Machine Learning Applications Across The Industries

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Innovating Payments: borderless, instant & cash-free future

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Get to know some of our Tech Leaders




Giedrius Slivinskas & Mindaugas Paskevicius, Chapter Leads at Danske Bank

Building Digital Solution: Our ways of Working

In this article, chapter leads Mindaugas Paskevicius and Giedrius Slivinskas deconstruct the process of solution-building and give a glimpse of how the Tribe Setup work in practice. Authors hope to spark discussions, inspire others, get second opinions, criticism, and suggestions for improvement and continuous learning.

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Saulius Vysniauskas, Cloud Specialist Chapter Lead at Danske Bank

How do you build an investment robot in a bank? The perspective of a Chapter Lead

What tech stack could you work with in Danske Bank? What challenges, as a developer, should you expect? What products do our developers enjoy developing the most? Our blog series "Tech Kitchen" reveals some behind-the-scenes development stories, giving you a glimpse of how we build things at Danske Bank.

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Tautvydas Versockas, Chapter Lead at Danske Bank

The Promised Land of Event Sourcing

Are you a Software Developer working in an inherently complex business domain? You might find this guide useful, as it deconstructs the Event Sourcing technology, provides practical tips and trustful sources. 

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Marius Babrauskas, Chapter Lead &
Vladimiras Cincikas, IT Architect at Danske Bank

5 skills you will develop working with infrastructure migration to Public Cloud

Some of our tech colleagues in Lithuania work on our infrastructure migration to the public cloud. Marius Babrauskas, Chapter Lead, and Vladimiras Cincikas, IT Architect, both working in Data Platform Tribe, shared their insights about five valuable skills they developed or strengthened while working with public cloud migrations.


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