Danske Bank Lithuania started building a new client management footprint in Vilnius. New teams will service the Bank’s largest corporate and institutional customers. 

The Large Corporates & Institutions (LC&I) Lithuania business hub will grow in a number of areas and will also include the new client management teams. They will be responsible for building and developing relationship with Nordic and multinational companies, some of them - in the Fortune 500 list as well as non-bank financial institutions throughout Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Pacific regions. The objective of building new teams in Lithuania is to optimise the service model for major clients, improve customer experience through faster, higher quality and more efficient service. This year the entire LC&I Lithuania team will nearly double in size – from some 120 to 230 employees, with the new LC&I Lithuania Client Management team taking up half of the intended growth and serving as the bank’s primary point of contact for its largest and most important customers.

“Entrusting processes that are critical to the Danske Bank Group to Lithuanian talents is significant recognition for our experts, who have continuously demonstrated their competence, expertise and professionalism. Not only will the team in Lithuania assume new tasks and responsibilities, we will also contribute to the improvement of Group-wide service for major corporations and institutions. I am absolutely confident that we will achieve excellent results in this area when we team up with our Nordic counterparts,” 

- Giedrė Gečiauskienė, Head of LC&I Lithuania

Growth of LC&I Lithuania will result in the establishment of new roles targeted at recruiting highly competent talents. As G. Gečiauskienė reports, providing impeccable service to the largest clients of the bank demands a client-centric attitude, outstanding communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively. The new Client Management Team will therefore seek to recruit highly skilled experts and leaders in Lithuania.

"LC&I Lithuania will also be growing in the areas of risk management, asset management operations and other customer centric teams. In addition to that, we will seek to onboard the strongest project managers in the industry, who can confidently contribute to the significant client projects,"

- G. Gečiauskienė emphasises the competencies variety of the growing team

Working with major multinational customers is extremely interesting and exciting, adds G. Gečiauskienė. It provides an essential experience – from dealing with globally important corporations to learning about a wide range of financial products. 

A large proportion of IT, banking operations, financial crime prevention, banking support and other functions of the Danske Bank Group are currently concentrated in Lithuania. In total, the Danske Bank Group has over 4.000 employees here.