Danske Bank Global Services Lithuania (GSL) has a new leader. Aistė Gataveckienė, who has been with Danske Bank for more than three years, will take over as Head of GSL following Rosita Vasilkevičiūtė`s departure this February. A. Gataveckienė has been leading the global Group Wide Services Department in Danske Bank Group, and while remaining in this role, on 17 March she also took over as Head of Global Services Lithuania.


“I am pleased that Aistė has accepted the position as Head of a strategic organizational unit of the Bank which supports the majority of our global business areas. Ambitious ideas of Aiste, her strong leadership skills and can-do approach leave no doubt that GSL will continue playing a strong role in our journey towards a Better Bank,“ says Rob de Ridder, Head of Customer Service Delivery.

A. Gataveckienė, who graduated from Vilnius University with a Master's degree in Law, joined Danske Bank in 2016 and held the position of Head of Development and Implementation in Anti-Money-Laundering Operations. 2018 she was appointed Head of Group Wide Services in Customer Service Delivery.

“I am grateful for the trust and recognition. Rosita Vasilkevičiūtė, former Head of the Global Services Center, has done tremendous work both in responding to business needs and in establishing Danske Bank as one of the largest and most respected employers in the country. I am starting this new position in a challenging period. However, the way my Danske Bank team have dealt with the situation so far, gives me a lot of confidence in how much we can do going forward, to improve the Bank's global customers’ experience, services and solutions, and, of course, to continue building the best places to work for talent in Lithuania,” says A. Gataveckiene.

Today, Danske Bank is one of the largest organizations in Lithuania with more than 4,000 employees and one of the most significant taxpayers in the country (EUR 51.5 million in 2019).

Established in 2012, Global Services Lithuania has grown from a small, specialized operations unit to a banking & finance competence centre with over 3,000 employees working in global teams.