To safeguard the health of our employees and communities around us, and in accordance with governmental and Danske Bank Group recommendations, we have taken a number of preventive actions against coronavirus (Covid-19), including the ability for over 3,500 Danske Bank employees to work remotely in Lithuania.

Among other initiatives, the following key preventive measures are in place:

  • Starting from 16 March, all employees in Lithuania work from home. Only employees who absolutely need to work from the office are there.
  • Employees who do not have the possibility to work from home (e.g. due to the need for childcare) are supported with full pay for two weeks.
  • We do not travel, organize meetings in the digital space, and postpone all events for a later period.
  • At Danske Bank offices we strictly monitor the increased hygiene standards, while sports facilities, canteens and etc. were closed (in those exceptional cases when employees need to work in their regular workplace, free daily lunch is ensured).
  • Interviews with candidates for our open positions will be conducted online and over the phone, and candidates will be informed in advance.
  • Most new employees with first working day scheduled before 30 March, will stay at home safely, with no change in the terms of their employment contracts or commencement dates.
  • We update information, recommendations and answers to employee concerns daily, through our internal communication tools.


Being a part of Danske Bank Group, we highly value our employees and the Bank's customers, to whom we strive to ensure uninterrupted and reliable service.