Today Danske Bank symbolically marked the opening of its newest office in Lithuania – “DC Valley”. It is one of the last buildings that make up the Danske Campus (DC) in Vilnius and one of the bank‘s modern workspaces, which will support Danske Bank teams working in entirely new ways going forward.   

Revolutionising its way of working

Last year Danske Bank launched its major transformation plan known as “Better Bank”, part of which is to change the way the bank collaborates across the teams. The new ways of working in Danske Bank are built on the Agile methodology and principles. A simpler organisational structure, emergence of Agile tribes and Squads, that are comprised of a variety of cross-disciplined specialists, will make the bank more efficient and allow to respond to the ever-changing customer needs much faster. 

“We will fundamentally change the way we are organised and work, thus becoming faster, simpler and closer to our customers. This is, without a doubt, one of the largest changes within the bank in many years. All of Danske Bank’s employees will experience this either directly or indirectly, including our colleagues based in Lithuania,” says Frans Woelders, Danske Bank’s Chief Operating Officer. 

Workspaces that go beyond the office walls

According to Aiste Gataveckiene, Head of Danske Bank Global Services Lithuania, new ways of working will require work environments that support Agile teams working in the new realm. The newly opened “DC Valley” office is fully equipped for work in flexible teams and it echoes Danske Bank’s aims to be an innovative and highly adaptive organisation.
“When designing the “DC Valley” and other office buildings in Danske Campus, we have been challenging the standards of the future workplace. In our view, they go beyond office walls, modern interior or technology solutions. Building a workplace that will support and inspire multi-disciplinary teams working in agile ways requires that you consider behaviours, experiences and culture as mandatory elements of the ecosystem,” says Aiste Gataveckiene.

The “DC Valley” office has 1050 workplaces suitable for different working styles and individual needs. It offers spaces for project collaboration, events and daily needs of global teams and internal communities, training; also, areas to concentrate, work with kids around and to relax. “DC Valley” also hosts a “Customer experience centre”, where digital and augmented reality solutions will help Danske Bank teams in Lithuania get closer to their global customers and product offerings.

Care for employees and the environment

The modern 13 000 square metre building is equipped with the most advanced environmental solutions – solar panels on the roof, systems for recycling and reuse of rainwater as well as automated resource management. This saves energy and reduces the environmental impact. “DC Valley” also contains noise absorbing solutions, effective automatic air conditioning and humidity systems, while ozone generators ensure the removal of bacteria. 

The architectural and interior design choices reflect the general theme of a valley engulfed in red sunlight. “DC Valley” is the sixth office building on the Danske Campus. The campus will soon be complemented by the seventh building, which will also represent the values, innovation and flexible work model promoted by Danske Bank.