Safeguarding the health of our employees, customers and the society around us is of utmost importance. Therefore, in response to the COVID-19 situation worldwide and in the country, and until further notice, all Danske Bank personel in Lithuania are working remotely.

We want to assure you that, regardless of where our team is located, we are ready to answer your questions and provide any other assistance you may need.

Danske Bank Lithuania offices are closed, but you can contact us remotely:

  • By calling us +370 521 56666 (service in all Baltic languages and English, Monday-Friday, 08:30-16:30).
  • By sending us an email to:
  • You will continue to have 24-7 access to Danske eBank, where you can contact us with an eBank message.
  • Through the Dokobit system, which we use to exchange documents that are signed with a qualified electronic signature (please refer to this site for more information on Dokobit or consult with your contact person in the Bank).

All documents will be handled digitally:

  • All documents of the Bank and the Customer shall be signed only with a qualified electronic signature.
  • Free-form customer applications can be submitted via Danske eBank.
  • Standard Danske Bank forms and agreements can be submitted and signed via Dokobit using a qualified digital signature.
  • Customer requests sent by regular mail, as well as delivery of other services, may take longer than usual to process, due to the uncertainty of current situation or due to circuimstances beyond the Bank’s control, thus we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Also, please be reminded, that during the quarantine period Notarial offices are closed in Lithuania, with some of them consulting customers remotely.

Be extra careful of fraudsters these days
Whilst businesses are focusing their efforts on contributing to preventing further spread of the coronavirus, this is unfortunately also a time when fraudsters are likely to be more active. Please be extra careful.

Stay safe and healthy!