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You’ll say: 4000 colleagues, how cosy can it be?

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We nurture the culture of tribes, squads, communities, clubs and their empowerment. At the same time, we enjoy the benefits of being part of the global community that unites colleagues of at least 100 different professional backgrounds.

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  • Analytics

    Would you like to be a data detective and reveal answers to complex problems? Then you’ll enjoy cracking them at Danske Bank! Our analysts work their magic in different fields – from HR, finance, AML, regulations to various business metrics. They bring us knowledge of our customers, markets and ourselves, so that we can become better – we simply couldn’t do without them!

    Our analysts specialise in:

    • Business Intelligence
    • Business Analytics
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Data Science

    See positions in Analytics
  • Daily Banking Services

    Going extra mile for customers’ sake is something you’re best at? Our colleagues in Banking Services support the daily needs and key events in the lives of our personal and business customers. If you’re willing to fulfil a valuable part in our customer journeys – we’re waiting for your application!

    Daily Banking Services areas we cover in Danske Bank Lithuania:

    • Customer Onboarding
    • Customer Care
    • Customer Financing
    • Pension & Estate Handling
    • Business & Asset Financing
    • Meeting Preparation
    See positions in Daily Banking Services
  • Wholesale Banking Services

    Are you keen joining real corporate bankers? In Wholesale Banking, we deliver post-trade services across the full spectrum of Investment Banking products for our customers – major corporations, institutional investors and both institutional & retail clients under Danske Bank Asset Management.

    Our Wholesale Banking colleagues specialise in:

    Post-trade Services (primary & secondary markets)
    Asset Services
    Cash & Cards
    Custody & Funds services
    Reference Data Management
    See positions in Wholesale Banking Services
  • Group Finance

    Accuracy, attention to details & focus on future outcomes are your strongest qualities? You will then fit our Finance colleagues who facilitate and enhance the Bank's financial practices and provide support to colleagues all over the bank. You're going to interact with different departments and help to make sure we are all on the right financial track.

    We are looking for specialists in these areas:

    • Accounting & Controlling
    • Financial Planning
    • Treasury
    • Tax Compliance
    • Regulatory and Performance Reporting
    • Financial Data & Systems


    See positions in Group Finance
  • Financial Crime Prevention

    Daydreaming of superheroes battling the Dark Forces? Join our Financial Crime Prevention colleagues and it will become your key mission. You will help the Bank comply with regulatory obligations and societal expectations, to mitigate various money laundering, terrorist financing or fraud risks that our customers or the Bank itself might face.

    Areas we cover in Financial Crime Prevention: 

    • Know Your Customer (KYC) operations for Personal, Small & Medium Enterprises and Corporate Customers
    • Transaction Monitoring 
    • Sanctions & Politically Exposed Person (PEP) Screening
    • Fraud Management 
    • Transformation & Development of all tools, used for Financial Crime Prevention
    See positions in Financial Crime Prevention
  • Human Resources

    Power to the people! We swear by these words once said by John Lennon. Thus, our HR colleagues work every day to ensure that we have an inclusive atmosphere for highly qualified, motivated and happy peers by driving our People & Culture agenda. Talent planning and growth are part of their daily routine, as well as guiding different HR ventures, introducing new procedures and instruments that nurture our core values.

    Our HR colleagues specialise in:

    • Talent Acquisition
    • Employee Development & Trainings
    • Compensation & Benefits
    • HR Operations

    See positions in Human Resources
  • Communication

    Is the storyteller the term that everybody uses to describe your personality? Our storytellers form the voice of Danske Bank to ensure that we are understood internally and externally. By telling us, our customers and our stakeholders the STORY, they drive change and enable the transformation within the organisation. It must always be real, coherent and authentic.

    Areas we cover in Communication:

    • Employer Branding
    •  Public Relations
    •  Internal Communication
    See positions in Communication
  • IT Development

    Is technological progress your type of progress? Most of our work is digital nowadays. Therefore, we always strive for new, more convenient and more effective ways of working. New platforms for reaching our customers? New internal systems to make it more efficient for our colleagues? More convenient user interface? You name it. No, you code it.

    In IT Development we cover:

    • Digital Banking Process Automation
    • Mobile Applications Development
    • Digital Payments Solutions 
    • Robotics & Automation
    • Everyday Banking Solutions & eBusiness Security
    • Platforms and Tools for Trading
    • User Interface and Design

    See positions in IT Development
  • IT Infrastructure

    Is it in your blood to navigate through physical hardware, data centres, data storage, network systems and software? Our IT colleagues care endlessly to combine all IT infrastructure elements and features into one system that best supports the business goals of our organisation and ensures that our data and information is always secure and retrievable.

    In IT Infrastructure we cover:

    • IT Operations and DevOps
    • Networks Engineering & Databases
    • IT Architecture  
    • Cyber Security
    • Virtualised & Physical Servers, Storage and Backup
    • Container Hosting
    • Asset Management & Service Management
    • Middleware
    • Collaboration Tools, Apps and Technologies

    See positions in IT Infrastructure
  • Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

    Do you speak law? Our colleagues in Legal, Regulatory & Compliance do, so you should too. Working here, you will support our customers-facing colleagues in legal and regulatory matters. When it comes to legal matters and compliance with different regulations, we do not compromise and your role will be to make sure we're at our best.

    Areas our legal experts specialise in:

    • Financial Markets
    • Contract Law
    • Employment and Labour Law in Lithuania
    • GDPR Compliance
    • Regulatory Advisory
    See positions in Legal, Regulatory & Compliance
  • Risk Management

    Do you prefer prevention rather than putting out the fires? Risk managers in Danske Bank identify, assess and quantify various business risks. They also have to create measures – set company policies, implement rules, procedures, and monitoring systems – to avert, control or reduce these risks. If you’re keen to join them – send us your application!

    Areas, Risk Management in Danske Bank Lithuania covers:

    • Operational, IT & Financial Risk Management
    • Ensuring data quality for all risk models and risk reporting solutions
    • Building and maintaining different credit decisioning and risk parameter models
    • Calculating Group impairment figures
    • Defining Group Risk Appetite by performing stress testing
    • Producing internal and external risk reporting, analytics and development of BI tools
    • Driving holistic approach to Risk Management by setting standards, defining roles and responsibilities and risk taxonomy
    See positions in Risk Management
  • Project Management & Consulting

    Are you a master who can take the chaos and turn it into structure? So do Project Managers & Consultants in our organisation. As a Project Manager at Danske Bank you will drive various projects from IT development, implementations to various migrations. You will lead the entire project team and ensure focus on delivering value for our customers and business areas. We hope you speak numbers, money, timing, HR and all the other languages. You got that, right?

    In project management, we keep strong focus on:

    • Project Scope 
    • Stakeholders 
    • Communication 
    • Risks
    • Change Management
    • Budgets 
    • Project Team
    • Consulting


    See positions in Project Management & Consulting
  • Administration & Facility Management

    Spending most of your time in the office means that it has to be comfy, do you agree? In order to create a workplace where all employees feel comfortable, well-equipped, safe and secure, our real estate & facility managers do everything in their power. If you decide to join our team, it will be your primary responsibility to create a modern, collaborative and creative workplace.

    In Administration & Facility Management we focus on:

    • Developing Danske Campus strategy, setting the cost agenda
    • Managing vendors, internal and external stakeholders
    • Developing internal processes related to vibrant workplace 
    • Coordinating employees’ activities clubs
    See positions in Administration & Facility Management

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