FuturePros, an annual Danske Bank Lithuania talent development programme for students, recent graduates, and reskilled specialists begins its third season today.

The programme began in June 2019 with the goal of allowing participants to combine work and study, kick-start their careers in an international organisation, and gain valuable practical knowledge with the possibility of becoming permanent employees at Danske Bank. Since then, 76 new and ambitious colleagues have joined our organisation, 71 of whom are still employed by the bank and 30 of whom have already been offered permanent positions.

Previous success laid a solid foundation for future growth
When FuturePros first launched in 2019, it was intended only for IT specialists; however, high participant retention rates, positive manager feedback, and international recognition as a Top Employer Branding initiative in the CEE Business Services Awards paved the way for the programme to be expanded to other business units.

“The fact that more than 90% of FuturePros participants continue being employed by Danske Bank as students or in other taken roles indicates that this programme is a worthwhile investment for both participants and the bank. The pace of participants’ growth and the fresh perspectives they bring to our organisation make them excellent colleagues in the long run and allow us to contribute to the development of talents for our organisation and country's future. This year, we wanted to encourage other teams to reap the benefits of on-boarding and developing their area talents within the bank. As a result, in addition to software engineers working with various technologies, we will be looking for future data scientists and business analysts”, says Indre Sakalauskiene, Head of HR Lithuania.

Applications are open until 16 May
The FuturePros selection process begins on 14 April and all students, recent graduates and specialists seeking to requalify are welcome to apply until 16 May. There is no prior work experience required – motivation and a willingness to learn are even more important. 

Participants in the programme are not only entitled to Danske Bank employee benefits, but they also receive a competitive salary that is one of the highest among talent programmes in Lithuania, as well as various trainings for personal and professional growth. 

Selected participants begin their work in July with one-year temporary contracts and during that time can be either offered a contract extension for the following year or transferred to juniors. 

Interested in learning more and applying? 

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