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Ambition is something we share

We are the second largest universal bank in Scandinavia, and one of the largest foreign investors and employers in Lithuania. Having started as a banking services provider on the Lithuanian market, we gradually established Global Services Lithuania and Group IT Lithuania to support our presence in 16 countries. Today, we are a global financial and professional services provider with a vast portfolio of banking operations, professional services, business support functions and front-end product development.

How to handle 3 career moves in 2 years?


My leader teases me, saying I want to be everywhere and do everything. Two years ago, I was one of the first Group Finance senior analysts in Vilnius. A year later, we had a clear vision for the Vilnius team to take group-wide responsibility as a centralized BI (Business Intelligence) Reporting Hub, and I was trusted to take the lead on this project.

Today, I am a Site Leader for Group Finance in Lithuania with a BI Reporting Hub and 10 more teams.
I really like Conan O’Brien’s words: “If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

Asta Bagdonaviciene, Site Lead, Group Finance
Vilnius, Lithuania

Become data - driven

Our data-driven analytics teams in Lithuania are expanding, and we are looking for more colleagues to join our global teams. Come and join over 200 analysts who understand the value and importance of data-driven analytics and various financial and risk models, which support the creation of automated innovative solutions for the group and at the same time help fulfil various regulatory demands.


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Ambitious mindset

I started my career as a student assistant working nights while doing my master's at Linköping University. I didn't know much about Danske Bank before joining but being a challenger to the bigger banks in Sweden appealed to my ambitious mindset. I joined full time after graduation. Since then I've moved on to a new role thanks to my first manager who encouraged me to pursue an opportunity in the Central Credit Department where I am today.

Niklas Avebjörk, Credit Analyst
Stockholm, Sweden

What we expect

  • What we expect

    What we expect

    A career at Danske Bank is an opportunity to develop, grow and contribute to a culture of high ambition. In return, we also expect a lot from our 19,000 people and everyone joining Danske Bank. Together, we will deliver expertise, act with integrity, create value, progress through agility and believe in collaboration.
  • We deliver expertise

    We deliver expertise

    For us, expertise is:

    • Delivering competitive financial solutions through the strongest knowledge, skills and technology
    • Listening to the customer and providing relevant advice and offerings
    • Being a proactive guide for our customers
    • Knowing when to make a decision on the spot and when to get back with the answer
    • Dealing constructively with mistakes and always learning from them
    • Acknowledging a diversity of opinions and including differing perspectives
    • Hard work, training and continuous learning at every staff level
    • Striving for best practice externally and internally at all times
    • Being humble about individual competencies and knowing that we are stronger as a team
    • Delivering our messages in a simple and understandable manner
  • We believe in Collaboration

    We believe in Collaboration

    To us, collaboration is:

    • Being a part of finding the best possible solutions for the customers and the Group
    • Being helpful and supportive towards customers and colleagues
    • Encouraging dialogue and discussion followed by strong execution
    • Taking ownership regardless of organisational borders
    • Providing constructive feedback, and helping others to succeed and grow
    • Challenging others on the basis of understanding and expertise
    • Being attentive to people and straightforward
    • Sharing the work load as well as the successes
    • Encouraging initiatives and engagement
    • Sharing ideas openly to co-create solutions
  • We progress through AGILITY

    We progress through AGILITY

    When we talk about agility, we mean:

    • Adapting continuously to changes in our business and market environment
    • Innovating our offerings and services by understanding and responding to changing customer needs
    • Understanding and staying ahead of the trends that reshape our industry
    • Continuously improving the customer experience
    • Finding new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency
    • Making things simple, convenient and easy to understand
    • Challenging existing procedures and behaviours
    • Being accessible and fast in our responses
    • Being nimble and able to take advantage of new opportunities
    • Finding new ways to navigate through complexity
  • We create Value

    We create Value

    To us, creating value is all about:

    • Being aware that long-term shareholder value is created by delivering value for customers
    • Understanding customer needs and helping them achieve their ambitions
    • Taking the initiative before our customers even express their needs
    • Enabling and supporting strong individual performance and rewarding customercentric behaviour
    • Empowering people to take action
    • Contributing to the success of our customers, employees, shareholders and the societies we are part of by running a solid business
    • Being aware of how we create shareholder value
    • Being cost and capital efficient
    • Simplifying and optimising the way we work
    • Delivering continuously improvements and innovations
    • Setting ambitious goals and striving for excellence in all we do
  • We act with Integrity

    We act with Integrity

    By integrity, we mean:

    • Ensuring that our values are never compromised
    • Having high ethical standards and conducting business in an orderly manner
    • Being reliable and always keeping our word and fulfilling our commitments
    • Being honest, transparent and predictable
    • Eliciting confidence through high quality, precision and promptness
    • Treating others with respect
    • Acknowledging our impact on society and living up to our responsibilities
    • Contributing responsibly to the communities we serve
    • Building and maintaining good relationships with our key stakeholders

Nearly 4000 employees in LT

Over 300 career moves per year

The fastest growing employer in LT

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