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In Danske Bank Lithuania we gathered smart, innovative and open colleagues with can-do mindset, who are reimagining banking services and creating an ingenious product portfolio, and at the same time – ensure smooth daily operations of the entire Danske Bank Group.
Consider us as “the engine of the bank” – while we do not provide banking services to customers in Lithuania, we are the brain and muscle behind many of Danske Bank’s services to our global customers. Our high-quality delivery and can-do approach led us to becoming a strategic site for Danske Bank, an international community of 22,000+ colleagues worldwide.

We are one of the largest employers in Lithuania – more than 4000 colleagues here value our internal culture, care for our employees, global teams’ set-up, interesting work and growth opportunities.

Our ways of working

Growth & career opportunities

Inspiring leaders

Great atmosphere

Meaningful work

Flexible working conditions

Attractive remuneration

Ambition is something we share

Together, we provide knowledge, guidance and tools to 3.3 million personal and business clients that they need to make sound financial decisions and fulfil their ambitions.
Many of these services and products are developed and delivered from Lithuania, where we are on a journey to push the limits of banking today and challenge ourselves on an ongoing basis. 

What makes us ‘A’ team?

We deliver expertise, act with integrity, create value, progress through agility and believe in collaboration in field.

  • We deliver EXPERTISE

    We deliver EXPERTISE

    For us, expertise is:

    • Deliver competitive solutions through strongest knowledge, skills and technology
    • Deal constructively with mistakes and learn from them
    • Acknowledge diversity of opinions and include different backgrounds
    • Be humble about individual competencies and know that we're strong as a team
    • Dealing constructively with mistakes and always learning from them
    • Never stop learning
  • We believe in COLLABORATION

    We believe in COLLABORATION

    To us, collaboration is:

    • Providing constructive feedback, and helping others to succeed and grow
    • Challenging others on the basis of understanding and expertise
    • Being attentive to people and straightforward
    • Sharing the work load as well as the successes
    • Encouraging initiatives and engagement
    • Sharing ideas openly to co-create solutions
  • We progress through AGILITY

    We progress through AGILITY

    When we talk about agility, we mean:

    • Finding new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency
    • Making things simple, convenient and easy to understand
    • Challenging existing procedures and behaviours
    • Being accessible and fast in our responses
    • Being nimble and able to take advantage of new opportunities
    • Finding new ways to navigate through complexity
  • We create VALUE

    We create VALUE

    To us, creating value is all about:

    • Empowering people to take action
    • Being cost and capital efficient
    • Simplifying and optimising the way we work
    • Delivering continuously improvements and innovations
    • Setting ambitious goals and striving for excellence in all we do
  • We act with INTEGRITY

    We act with INTEGRITY

    By integrity, we mean:

    • Ensuring that our values are never compromised
    • Being reliable and always keeping our word and fulfilling our commitments
    • Being honest, transparent and predictable
    • Treating others with respect
    • Acknowledging our impact on society and living up to our responsibilities
    • Contributing responsibly to the communities we serve

Perks we enjoy 

In addition to an open, diverse and inspiring atmosphere for work and development, Danske Bank provides a benefits package one cannot resist.

Here is an overview of all the advantages that will apply to you, as our team member. 

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