Providing tools for managing investmentsAsset Management Tribe


 Colleagues: 65  Main Technologies: SimCorp Dimension, SQL, Python, .NET

Asset Management Tribe
provides IT solutions for portfolio managers who take care of customers’ investments.
Asset management is the practice of acquiring, maintaining, and trading investments that have potential to grow in value. Our tribe provides IT technologies and services for this business model.” – Mindaugas Lukosius, Squad Leader at Asset Management Tribe

The tribe is proud of their hackathon event which resulted in a high participation, fresh ideas and improved synergy between the tribe members.


Handling the flow of post-trading activities – Markets Post-Trade Services Tribe


 Colleagues: 140+  Main Technologies: Cloud (C#/.NET), Mainframe (COBOL & Pl1)
Markets Post-Trade Services Tribe develops systems that are used for handling various investment products, such as derivatives, equities, bonds, etc.
“Our systems support the flow after the transaction is made until the instrument reaches the customer’s account” Migle Kizyte, Business Analyst at Markets Post Trade Services Tribe
Each month, Markets Post Trade Services Tribe processes foreign exchange deals that are worth three times more than Denmark’s GDP.

Providing support for home buyers and owners – Buying and Owning Real Estate Nordic Tribe


 Colleagues: 90;  Main Technologies: React, .NET, COBOL
Buying and Owning Real Estate Nordic Tribe supports home buyer and owner journeys with the focus on Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian markets.
“Our tribe colleagues working in Lithuania are proud of developing the Nordic Banking Platform. It is a system supporting both customer and advisor journeys during the process of buying and owning a home.”  Greta Mameniskyte, Software Architect at Buying and Owning Real Estate Nordic Tribe
The tribe also has teams that are responsible for core bank loan systems, sustainability squad and a squad dedicated to consumer financing journey.

Giving life to FinCrime prevention tools – Financial Crime Lifecycle Management Tribe


 Colleagues: 160;  Main Technologies: Java, .NET, Python, SQL
Financial Crime Lifecycle Management Tribe connects financial crime prevention controls across the customer life cycle to enable effective and targeted risk management and coherent customer journeys.
Our tribe stands out in regards to having human-centred designers and operational process experts.” – Zygimantas Matijosaitis, Data Chapter Lead at Financial Crime Lifecycle Management Tribe

Financial Crime Lifecycle Management is the youngest tribe in Danske Bank. It was established on 1 May, 2023.

Curious to meet the actual people developing these solutions in Danske Bank tribes? Watch the video below! 👇