Evaluating eligibility for loan - Credit Decisioning Tribe


 Colleagues: 246  Main Technologies: Java, PL/1, Python, React

Credit Decisioning Tribe
provides capabilities for individual or business customers to apply and get approved for the loan.
We play a role in all customer segments and enable customer journeys to provide financing at the speed of thought.” – Ruta KrasauskieneProduct Owner at Credit Decisioning Tribe

In the coming years, Credit Decisioning Tribe aims to build a data-driven, automated credit decision engine that can scale to other markets and products.


Building digital channels Channels Individual Customers Tribe


 Colleagues: 168  Main Technologies: .NET, React, React-Native, Java
Channels Individual Customers Tribe develops or helps other tribes to develop digital channels that are used by Danske Bank’s customers every day.
It’s difficult to pick a project that our Tribe is the most proud of, but if we had to choose, one of the contenders would be Mobile Banking app as it acts as daily banking digital gateway for our private customers.” – Saulius KisunasFrontend Chapter Lead at Channels Individual Customers
Mobile Banking app is one of the biggest projects of Channels Individual Customers Tribe. It is used by 1.7 million users.

Constantly observing transactions Monitoring & Screening Tribe


 Colleagues: 143;  Main Technologies: Data Quality & Architecture, Analytics, Machine Learning
Monitoring & Screening Tribe is responsible for preventing financial crime by monitoring transactions and performing real-time screening.
“We get up in the morning to fight financial crime, we are cross-functional, we take ownership and trust that our colleagues have always done their best in presenting a solution.” – Darius RindinasSquad Leader at Monitoring & Screening
From technology perspective, machine learning is an important part of Monitoring & Screening solutions. With the help of machine learning, the tribe is aiming to reduce the number of false payment alerts.

Providing tools for developers – Developer Experience Tribe


 Colleagues: 100;  Main Technologies: Private Cloud, CI/CD, Mainframe
Developer Productivity Tribe accelerates the productivity of developers by providing tools, blueprints and guidance that allow them to do their daily work effectively.
There are many tools managed by Developer Productivity Tribe. The most famous one is Cloud2 self-service portal, where Danske Bank developers can order infrastructure and tools for their applications.” – Romualdas Jurevicius, Chapter Lead at Developer Productivity Tribe

Developer Experience Tribe consists of 9 different squads that are spread out through Denmark, Lithuania and India.

Curious to meet the actual people developing these solutions in Danske Bank tribes? Watch the video bellow! 👇