Market data flow enablers - Markets Analytics Platform

 Colleagues: 93  Main Technologies: API, C++, C#
Markets Analytics Platform Tribe can be considered an intermediary between Markets Front Office and Markets Post-Trade Services Tribes. Tribe supports Markets tribes with different types of data: financial instruments data, trades and portfolios value data. In addition, Tribe provides various types of reports to our regulators.
“Our Tribe is an amazing place to work if you are interested in both business part as well as IT. It enables you to join different types of projects where strong and close collaboration among field experts is happening, where you can challenge yourself and learn a lot from them,”- Edgaras Dudenas, Market Data Business and Functional Specialist at Markets Analytics Platform Tribe.

Tribe works closely with our traders, providing them with the risk figures, which enables them to make the best decisions for the clients and the Bank. 


Developing the technologies to manage risk - Risk Tribe 

 Colleagues: 160  Main Technologies: Mainframe, DataStage, .Net
Risk Tribe transforms risk management through technology and data. Tribe builds and maintains systems that provide bank-wide solutions for governance, risk and compliance management. Tribe focuses on modernising its technological landscape to enable efficient, precise, and fully automated risk management. Starting from IRB data modelling or impairment calculations and ending up with internal or regulatory risk reporting.

“For me, working in Risk Tribe is rewarding as we have the flexibility to redefine our priorities, put additional focus where it is required and equip Danske Bank with modern tools for Risk Management,” - Tautvydas Kuras, Data Engineering Chapter Lead at Risk Tribe.
The Tribe has colleagues collaborating from different parts of the world – most of the Tribe works in Denmark, a third of the Tribe is based in Lithuania and a quarter works from India.  

Enabling digital services - Everyday Banking Individuals

 Colleagues: 130;  Main Technologies: Mainframe, .Net, React
Everyday Banking Individuals Tribe creates intuitive everyday banking experience and simple solutions across cards, accounts and payments. In addition, the Tribe is responsible for opening accounts through end-to-end digital flows, as more than 53% of customer accounts are now opened fully digitally.
“Being a Product Owner with Everyday Banking Individuals lets you relate to customers’ needs and pain points - the solutions we build are used by myself, my colleagues and you. It’s rewarding to see something come from an idea to fruition - and pat yourself and your team on the shoulders once the feature or functionality gets out to our customers” – Martynas Antanaitis, Product Owner at Everyday Banking Individuals Tribe.
 In 2023 Tribe hopes to enhance its service model and improve efficiency by providing digital convenience in everyday banking and digital sales – notably enabling online ordering of digital and physical cards. 

Bringing efficiency to housing - Buying & Owning Real Estate DK

 Colleagues: 190;  Main Technologies: Mainframe, .Net, React
Buying & Owning Real Estate DK (BORE DK) Tribe enables customers to make an easy and confident decision when it comes to buying & owning Real Estate in Denmark. Tribe provides intuitive digital solutions for both Bank’s customers and advisors. 
“Being a part of the Tribe allows me to work with complex yet relatable business domain, various technologies and a diverse group of talented colleagues. All these elements keep me engaged and enhance my professional growth,” –  Giedre Usaviciute, Software Engineer.

One of the largest Tribes in the Bank, BORE DK, is currently focusing on modernising technology, removing the everyday pains for advisors and case handlers to work more efficiently, and hoping to increase customer satisfaction in housing. 

Curious to meet the actual people developing these solutions in Danske Bank tribes? Watch the video bellow! 👇