• The mission of the Collaboration & Productivity team is to contribute to the daily lives of Danske Bank employees by making the latest technologies easier and more convenient.

  • The teams consists of thirty specialists in the related fields: product managers, programmers, platform engineers and solution architects.

  • Every day, the team works with the most important modern collaboration tools: Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Outlook, Office, Skype, Telepresence, etc.

  • The Collaboration & Productivity team is skilled at noticing the most relevant trends and presenting them to the organisation, thus contributing to even more efficient and smoother processes.

Outlook, Teams, Yammer and SharePoint are just some of the tools that offices cannot do without, even for a day. Although just a few years ago, these tools almost never became our topics of discussion, in today’s world they provide irreplaceable opportunities for an organisation to communicate and maintain strong bonds, even while working remotely. At Danske Bank, this service is taken care of by the Collaboration & Productivity teams, whose mission is to contribute to the daily lives of employees by making the latest technologies easier and more convenient.


Liudas Gulbinas, Head of Collaboration & Productivity at Danske Bank, emphasised that, over the past two years, collaboration tools have become more important than ever before. 


“Our team is responsible for all the key tools used by the employees on a daily basis. Previously, it was enough to ensure a technological level that was sufficient for us to conveniently communicate with our colleagues abroad; but nowadays, as remote work has become the new normal, collaboration tools have become indispensable for the company’s successful and smooth operations,” Liudas explained. 


Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Outlook, Office, Skype, Telepresence rooms and live broadcasts are some of the tools that have been deployed in the organisation, whose smooth operation is supported by the Collaboration & Productivity teams that consists of 30 people. The teams encompasses service owners, programmers, platform engineers and a solution architect – all of whom are professionals fascinated by this continuously improving and promising field. 


“Our teams’ field of work is really attractive – it combines practical changes with the latest technologies. Today, the management of collaboration tools is becoming more important, and the demand for such specialists will continue to grow. We have noticed that the job opportunities within our team are especially attractive for young people, who can gain experience from working with the newest equipment and technologies, which in turn will open up even broader career opportunities for them,” said Liudas. 


He also noted that the Collaboration & Productivity team includes employees with different competencies. The platform engineers need to have deep understanding of information technologies, while the service owners have mastered the art of management that allows them to develop services and present it to the organisation.


According to Liudas Gulbinas, their teams are usually among the first to notice the relevant trends related to collaboration in a business environment.


“After our offices closed at the start of the pandemic, the number of Skype calls increased by four times. Our colleagues wanted to see each other and keep in touch, so they began using the video call feature more actively, even though audio calls were the predominant choice before the pandemic. The importance of mobility has also increased noticeably – about 7,000 employees actively use Teams on their mobile devices. Our colleagues have managed to combine productive work with walking in the fresh air and trips out of the city, and I have no doubt that these new habits will not go away,” shared Liudas.


The Head of Collaboration & Productivity is especially proud of implementing the Teams tool faster than anticipated, which was well accepted by all the employees of Danske Bank. Next, the team is planning to deploy the Teams live events tool that will enable live broadcasts with up to 10,000 viewers.


Are you also a proficient user of state-of-the-art collaboration tools, who follows the latest trends and cannot imagine going without Teams or Yammer for a single day? Would you like to become part of the Collaboration & Productivity team and advance in this promising field? Apply here