Always ready to e-meet new customers

  Colleagues: 167  Main technologies: Java, C#, React

Welcoming & Orchestration Tribe is responsible for solutions that often are the first customer interaction with a bank. They create an orchestration platform for customer welcoming and digital sales, with an end-to-end perspective. 

"Developers usually find it interesting that most people in our Tribe work with containerised microservices and moving towards public cloud. Also, we are one of the tribes with the least legacy due to so many of the squads being greenfield at the creation of the Tribe."  – Jakob Laursen Vork, Front-end Chapter Lead.

People in this Tribe are working from Lithuania, Poland, Denmark and India, making being a part of this Tribe a truly international experience. The Tribe is actively looking for developers, chapter leads of various fields, and architects.

The Tribe that makes the payments happen

  Colleagues: 150+  Main technologies: Mainframe, DB2, Java

Core Payments Platform Tribe's goal is to make payments flow in and out of the bank without disruption. This includes a critical mission of keeping our payment platform updated with industry changes, whether it is P27, New Payment Rails or global initiatives like ISO20022. 
As some of the bank's systems were built several decades ago, and others are brand new, the scope of Tribe's tech stack is as broad as it gets. The tech stack of the Tribe varies from very the rather traditional and well-established technologies to Terraform, K8s, Kafka, gRPC and other.

“Architects’ and developers' preference often shapes the tool choice. Our Tribe strives to create an open environment where a good suggestion is appreciated, heard, and implemented.” – Agne Tumenaite, Product Owner and Squad Lead of P27 Implementation, says: 

Core Payments Platform Tribe is currently actively hiring and plans to expand to 200 in 2023. 

Bank's data powerhouse - Finance Tribe

  Colleagues: 200+  Main technologies: AWS, .Net and Python. 

Finance Tribe is one of the largest tribes in Danske Bank. Tribe process and provide high-quality data to stakeholders, such as senior management, market decision-makers, regulatory bodies and others.

"Using the most innovative technologies available and having the most talented people - we provide modern technology solutions across all financial domains to enable sustainable management of Danske Bank´ s financial position," – Radvile Kontrimaviciene, Chapter Area Lead & Finance Tribe Architect. 

"Many people in our Tribe currently work on the Safire project, in which we are recreating a complex solution in a greenfield environment." – says Daumantas Mikalojus Bogusis, Chapter Lead. Tribe is still hiring people to join working on the project. In addition, Finance Tribe was the first one to move to the Public Cloud, which is a significant achievement, considering the amount of sensitive data the Tribe is dealing with continuously. 

Introducing sustainability to investments

 Colleagues: 200+  Main technologies: Cloud, .Net, ReactNative

Retail Investment Tribe
digitises investment journeys by making it easy for customers to get investment advice or invest on their own. The tribe split between Denmark, Lithuania and India is making it possible for customers to incorporate sustainability preferences into their investment decisions.

"Our solutions raise sustainability awareness and ensure that customers get informed about their investment's environmental effects. That is done through complete customer journeys owned by us - from customer profiling to giving our recommendation."  Zydrunas Kursaitis, Business Analyst.

One of the products to mention - Investment Analyzer, allows customers (with advisor help) to get portfolio simulations and make investment decisions based on that. In addition, the tribe will soon release the Monthly Investments solution - a tool enabling customers to automate their periodic investments.

Curious to meet the actual people developing these solutions in Danske Bank tribes? Watch the video bellow! 👇