When head hunting takes place today, companies have to compete not only to attract new top talents but also on how to retain them. Employees retention is based on their experience within the organization, which starts with a successful integration. So, how do you introduce new employees and successfully retain them?


Newbie's arithmetic and why is integration needed?


During the recruitment process, I have noticed that modern employees, unlike those who entered the labour market a decade ago, are determined to make individual decisions, are not afraid of change, and want to gain experience for their own professional goals and growth. They are ready to stake a large part of their work on the condition they will be noticed, appreciated and praised within the organization.


Numbers show that caring for a new employee will benefit the organization short term, both in productivity (up to 62 percent) and in reducing  staff turnover (up to 69 percent).


The current trend is showing that up to 20 percent of employees will leave organizations within 45 day. Hence, a successful start is very important for both the employer and employee.


A successful start - solid ground under your feet


It is already the case, that every employee in the professional path always experiences a certain cyclicality. Motivation is changed by confusion, later - the search of the meaning and purpose, which successful result manifests by the growing involvement of the newly emerging motivation and loyalty to the organization. After a while, the employee is going through this cycle again.


The practice of Danske Bank shows that the motivation cycle of employees involved in the integration process lasts longer: they know certain guidelines that help build trust in the environment and oneself, get more involved, blend into the team faster, and learn to perform the tasks more effectively. In other words, employees who pass the standardized introduction of a newcomer into the organization are more likely to stand on both legs faster.


It is very important that every company enforces a properly designed integration program. Actively engaging with new employees, giving them attention and care, ensures a more effective integration, reduce social exclusion, manage expectations, with the objective of clearer responsibilities and a sense of security in the workplace.


How do we welcome aboard new colleagues?


When introducing new colleagues, we understand our responsibility to support the employees in recognizing whom they will become part of.  As soon as onboard, we are giving our new colleague the opportunity to connect to a virtual platform, through a smart device, providing all the necessary information on our organization and its values. On the first working day, the HR team will actively be working to introduce a newly-joined colleague to all major systems and to have the necessary tools ready and accessible.


In the first months, the new employee also gets a guide on what he needs to know or do in the first 100 days. Additionally, we organize introductory events for all new colleagues who have joined us. During these events, newcomers will strengthen their knowledge of our organizational structure, vision and values, as well as listening to inspiring success stories.


As part of our efforts to integrate new colleagues, we ask their opinion about how we are performing, thus promoting a feedback and engagement culture. It will allow us to continuously develop our integration program and be constantly appealing, leading to new employees becoming productive at a faster rate.