We have to admit that we spend more time browsing the Internet than we do reading books. Not because we choose to avoid books, but simply because we do not always have enough time to spare. But a case can be made for surfing the web too. When you put in a little bit of effort, you are able to find a lot of useful information, expert insights and inspiration online.


So where do you find the best content to help you improve – and not just on a professional level, but also on a personal level? In this post some of the colleagues at Danske share their best tips.


Julija Davidavičiūtė (Senior Process Improvement Division Consultant)


I try to limit the time I spend on the Internet. Often you can see me browsing professional literature after work. I try to delve deeper into the topics that are related to personal development: change management, systemic thinking and structured problem-solving. I examine methods for continuous improvement. I also devote a lot of time to getting acquainted with good practices which are utilized by other companies or organizations.


  • Gemba Academy. A website on which you can quickly and easily find articles or videos related to the LEAN methodology. But that’s not all, you can find more courses on a wide variety of topics on this page too.


  • LinkedIn. The community here often share articles and links from different areas. This is a very good platform to expand your horizon.


  • Vilnius Events. Because life is not just a work. On this page I am looking for information about events in Vilnius to attend.


Vytautas Ašeris browse (Head of Property and Investment Management Division in Lithuania)


I have set up my own RSS reader. There I find texts which are selected according to my hobbies and interests. Regarding the topics, I'm mostly interested in emotional intelligence, Agile, Scrum, stock exchange related themes. Using my reading history, the RSS reader offers me new articles.


I am noticing a trend that the entire world is moving towards individualized news; a way we can save ourselves from the large amounts of information that are bombarding us at all times.


Nerijus Kliukas (Scrum Master)


  • Mountain Goat Software. Practical and effective tips for advanced Agile and Scrum practitioners helping to form successful teams. The blog can also offer very interesting discussions where people share their experiences and opinions on various issues. This is a great source of inspiration!


  • Development That Pays. A YouTube channel that publishes videos about LEAN and Agile techniques to help you develop software efficiently. It offers simple and short videos for beginners, introducing them to the basic principles. This is one of the first sources I would recommend for those starting their Agile journey.


  • Global Triathlon Network. Sport is my passion. This is the second season I am taking part in a triathlon. So, this vlog offers a lot of useful tips on swimming, cycling and jogging. Summer is around the corner – let’s go!


Rasa Čepauskaitė (Head of the AML Training and Competence Development Department)


  • TED Talks. I often spend a lot of time here. Every evening I watch at least one talk. None of them exceeds the fifteen minute mark. That is why it is my favourite way to quickly learn about new ideas.


  • Harvard Business Review. This is where I gain new professional knowledge, discover fresh thoughts and ideas. I often look at how training is organized in other organizations, and check if the methods I use are correct.


  • Financial Times and Forbes. News portals that I read to broaden my horizon.


Jūratė Kapočiūtė (Senior Human Resources Partner)


I do not have any specific websites that I browse most. I just pick a theme I am interested in and Google it. When I want to know something, I want to get information from as many different sources as possible.


I do really like TED Talks. They offer a wide variety of topics.


Živilė Maldeikytė (Communication project manager)


More often than surfing the internet, I read books, watch videos, and listen to podcasts.  After spending the whole day at the computer at work, I prefer headphones or paper books in my spare time. Still there are some websites I will go to for their insights.


  • TechCrunch. This is the best website for anyone interested in the latest technology. In addition, I am highly interest in the start-up ecosystem, its development, investment, marketing trends, which are discussed in depth on this page.


  • Delfi M360. Helps to get acquainted with marketing communication influencers in Lithuania: who speaks about communication, and the way in which Lithuanian businesses and agencies are communicating.


  • Verslo žinios. As I do not follow many Lithuanian news portals personally, I opt for the one that offers me the most relevant news for my work and profession; in my opinion the most reliable one is Vz.lt.


  • Culture Trip. This, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting portals about travel. Here, I do not just read about places to visit but also about restaurants. Since I am actively interested in the culture and trends of restaurants and also have an Instagram blog, it is very important to me where I eat while traveling. I want to have experiences in quality restaurants, cafes and bars.